Project Description

The new L-CNG station from Dourogás GNV is located in Maia, very close to Oporto International Airport and a few kilometres from Liexões Port Authority, in the middle of TEN-T Corridor (Atlantic Corridor).

Given the large concentration of companies focused on the long-haul international transport, this station will cover an important part of the connection between de North Region of Portugal with Spain and with the rest of European road destinations.

A large logistics area, based on the industrial raw-materials, is also located in Maia, so this Eco-Gate L-CNG station will address for the challenges of a cleaner mobility for this fields of activity.

Oporto Metropolitan Area, also counts a huge number of urban buses and garbage collection vehicles moved with NGV, since most of the municipalities in the surrounding area, have an environmental agenda aimed on the transport decarbonization.