Project Description

Repsol has opened its first “gasinera” for refuelling with natural gas for vehicles (GNV) in the Basque Country. The plant, located in in Hernani (Gipuzkoa), will supply liquified natural gas (LNG) for heavy transport vehicles and compressed natural gas (CNG) for cars, vans, buses, and service trucks.

With this gas supply plant, Repsol is starting to deploy proprietary GNV supply points in the Basque Country. The network will soon be reinforced by further openings thanks to a recent agreement with Nortegas.

The selection of Hernani is due to the consolidation of San Sebastián as a “strategic hub” for low emissions refuelling in the “Atlantic Corridor” that connects the border to France at Irún with Galicia. On average, this route is used daily by an estimated 37,000 vehicles of which more than 3,900 transport goods.

Repsol, as part of its strategy as a multi-energy company, is already a market leader in AutoGas or LPG for automotive uses, and it foresees expanding its network of NGV “gasineras” through the progressive development of a CNG/LNG network in one of the Iberian Peninsula’s main transport corridors.